Florencia is a brand proudly owned by Technobuilt

It is being run by; young, creative and hardworking men and women. We are committed to maintaining a high level of workmanship with special attention paid to details and esthetics, our core focus includes but not limited to kitchens, closets and retail counter.

Our company works in any part of Nigeria (and other West African countries) focusing on new and existing homes owned by; private individuals, corporate organizations and property developers. We pay great attention to ensure that our designs satisfy the appetite of our clients in terms of functionality and durability.

Through all of this we also try to bring materials that are healthy and durable, more efficient kitchen and cabinet systems, and smart eco-friendly design to each of our projects.

You as the homeowner place a great deal of trust and responsibility in our hands, and we feel it is our job to respectfully meet your expectations. Our goal is to work with the homeowners to create a final product in which they will feel good about.